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Why Sunday is my favorite day in England

When in NY, Sundays don’t feel like Sundays but in London, there’s Sunday lunch; a leisurely, midday dinner with friends who are ‘chosen family’ w/ laughter and great storytelling, catching up and planning. Today after a long lunch there was a late tea @ Claridge’s, this time with Carlotta, my lovely, 6ft, German, ‘mini me’ with fascinating adventures in Russia to share.  Post, Carlotta’s Saturday night, May 8th, ‘anti-Victory, 2nd World War’ dinner w/ loads of German food (lots of meat!) and yummy homemade pretzels and a late night boogie @ Momo’s just off Regent St.  In London, Sunday’s a day for me to nourish and recharge the batteries.  


Its frickkin freezzin in blighty!

London, one of my fav cities in da world but not da place for a brown skin, sun lovin’ sista in May! Be home soon, ya’ll!


"Gotta ticket for an airplane"

It seems as though Rush ‘Boss Limbaugh’ isn’t tee’d off enough to go and there are so many willing citizens who’ve offered to buy him ‘a ticket to ride’!  He must be feelin’ a lil under the weather and the idea of health care in America is looking like a good deal.  It’s keeping ‘tricky’ Dick Cheney dickie ticker ticking!  em’ just sayin!


My musical response to Rush Limbaugh

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