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BLUE - Original Cast Recording featuring Michael McElroy: Produced by Nona Hendryx

Into the future

Always pushing boundaries, Nona performs solo at Art Festivals, Museums and Galleries in the U.S and Internationally.  Nona has performed ‘Untethered’ at London’s Somerset House WiFi installation, the GE Theater at Proctor, the Michael Werner Gallery & VW Gallery (London & Germany).  Nona performs in audio clothing created by Benoit Maubrey, an ‘Audio Tutu’ – a self-contained sound system allowing her freedom to explore non-conventional performance spaces and to merge music, multi-media technology (ipod, Yamaha Tenori-on; a hand held digital music synthesizer and a Theremin) with the environment and art.


In January, 2010, feeling pissed off, Nona wrote “The Ballad Of Rush Limbaugh” responding with words and music to his insensitive ranting and suggestion that the American people didn’t need to donate to the earthquake relief effort in Haiti.  Fighting words!

Nona continues to Rock gracefully!