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"Why I sing the blues" A play with music & dance about the life of BB King

What an inspiring night! Berklee has some ‘sangin & playin’ young artists, so many I won’t list them here but please follow the link below and when you have time, check em out!  I hope Berklee streams one of the shows, if they do, I’ll let you know.  If you’re in or near Boston tomorrow, join us at the BPC = Berklee Performance Center @ 3:00 & let the Blues rock you!

B.B. King: Why I Sing the Blues—An Original Musical

Sunday, May 1, 2011, 3:00 p.m.

Berklee students write and produce an original musical each year honoring an icon of American music. This year’s tells the story of the life and work of B.B. King. Please note that B.B. King will not be in attendance. Can’t make it to the show? Follow it live

$10 general admission

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