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'Ballad Of Rush Limbaugh' - Free Download!

Hello to my friends and fans,

I’ve been so pissed off with Rush Limbaugh (for a long time) and his  
insensitive, racists commentary.  The final straw was his ill chosen  
or mean/hateful comments about American relief efforts for Haiti.
So instead of just fuming and ranting myself, I wrote a song called,  
‘Ballad Of Rush Limbaugh’.  I’m going to give the mp3 as a free  
download and people can donate whatever they want to. I’m giving  
proceeds from any sales (via itunes, etc) to the Red Cross, Doctors  
Without Borders

Please download this song and continue to support Haiti with your dollars, your bodies and your souls 

(CDbaby link on the RIGHT)

Thank you and pass it on!

Reader Comments (1)

I have just WITNESSED first hand Ms. Nona`s video on Rush Limbaugh. As always! The words, the feeling behind the singing are simply dynamic ! I`m biased. I feel Ms. Nona has been writing music as comparative to John Lennon`s Lyrics. But without the recognition due. All the LaBelle tunes are timeless. Appropriate for generation after generation. After seeing the group at Beacon Theatre in 2009 I was captivated by the words and passion of the singers. NO GROUP performs in this realistic, political enlightment today. And I feel Ms. Nona has contributed to the great American Songbook as an African American Woman who stands very much on her own merit. RUSH LIMBAUGH is the most UNPATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZEN on airwave. And, worse yet, a racist. He is fueling the Reublican right against our President of America. A man of African/European heritage. You would be a fool to think these guys in the like of Rush Limbaugh are on this rampage because of one clear reason only. HE HATES PEOPLE OF COLOR. Especially black people. We need celebrity like that in Nona Hendryx to have the guts to speak out against hatred. The mere act of making a video about the man is triumphant. I HAVE POSTED IT TO MYSPACE AND FACEBOOK. PLEASE< PLEASE !! Do the same. These are the biggest forms of spreading the word amongst people today. Ms. Hendryx, thank you, thank you, thank you. For putting your words so articulately together for decades. Words that have made us enlightened, that have made us dance, that have raised our awareness to the seriousness of those fighting an equality agenda. God Speed !!! Most Sincerely and Respectfully !!! Chaim Yosef BenEquality.

September 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterInDaSystem2010

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