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Right Brain, Left Brain Characteristics

Right Brain Inventory Left Brain Inventory
• Visual, focusing on images, patterns • Verbal, focusing on words, symbols, numbers
• Intuitive, led by feelings • Analytical, led by logic
• Process ideas simultaneously • Process ideas sequentially, step by step
• ‘Mind photos’ used to remember things, writing things down or illustrating them helps you remember • Words used to remember things, remember names rather than faces
• Make lateral connections from information • Make logical deductions from information
• See the whole first, then the details • Work up to the whole step by step, focusing on details, information organized
• Organization ends to be lacking • Highly organized
• Free association • Like making lists and planning
• Like to know why you’re doing something or why rules exist (reasons) • Likely to follow rules without questioning them
• No sense of time • Good at keeping track of time
• May have trouble with spelling and finding words to express yourself • Spelling and mathematical formula easily memorized
• Enjoy touching and feeling actual objects (sensory input) • Enjoy observing
• Trouble prioritizing, so often late, impulsive • Plan ahead
• Unlikely to read instruction manual before trying • Likely read an instruction manual before trying
• Listen to how something is being said • Listen to what is being said
• Talk with your hands • Rarely use gestures when talking
• Likely to think you’re naturally creative, but need to apply yourself to develop your potential • Likely to believe you’re not creative, need to be willing to try and take risks to develop your potential


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