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The Limon Dance Company @ The Joyce (Music by Nona Hendryx, Choreography by Francesca Harper)

Francesca Harper shares a world premiere at the Joyce on the Limon Dance Company this spring!

Harper dives into a world of infinite possibilities with a score by Grammy nominated composer, singer, and songwriter Nona Hendryx. In the new work “Radical Beasts in the Forest of Possibilities,” Harper and Hendryx examine the lines between intimacy and protest, tension, release, and humanism in our current social and political climate. Harper looks forward to investigating and integrating the soulful, quality of the Limón dancers to question, provoke, and inspire audiences with a determined sense of hope.

This groundbreaking work will premiere at The Joyce Theater in New York City from May 29th to June 2nd, 2019 as part of the Limon Dance Company’s annual, highly-anticipated Spring Season.

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